Dinner Lab 09/19/14

Menu Concept: Inspired by time spent in a Michelin Starred Greek NYC restaurant, this menu aims to elevate the flavors of the Mediterranean and bring new life to a well respected restaurant of the past.

Christopher Bailey
Rice Chips
Broccoli Beef
Fermented broccoli stem, beef tartare, crispy grains, hoisin
Fig & Hoisin
Golden Coconut Curry
young root vegetables, brown butter solids, whipped coconut milk
Urban Chestnut Ku'Damm, Berliner Weiss, 4.2%, gochugaru rim
Carrot Sweet 'n' Sour
heirloom carrots, gochugaru, quick carrot kimchi, carrot top raita
Carrot Sweet 'n' Sour paired with Firestarter
Pla Yang
whole roasted trout, Issan sausage, charred lime
Hard-boiled Wonderland & The End of the World Milk Punch
bourbon, boba, nutmeg
Thai Style Ice Cream Sandwich
black sesame ice cream, buttered brioche, coconut jam, candied cilantro
Salted caramel
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