Dinner Lab 04/25/15

Menu Concept: Inspired by time spent in a Michelin Starred Greek NYC restaurant, this menu aims to elevate the flavors of the Mediterranean and bring new life to a well respected restaurant of the past.

Chef Russ Bodner
Lightly Seared Tuna
fennel pollen crust | thassos olives | dehydrated feta | orange vinaigrette
Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Dumplings
Alabama crab | crispy tobacco onion | spinach & leek
Smoked Octopus
pickled shallot & mushroom | coriander yogurt | frisee
Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder
bulgar trahana | baby vidalia | grilled okra | lamb jus
Tsoureki Shortcake
basil ice cream | mastic oil | strawberry & yogurt
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